In DEW Magazine #16 Gender Issue we explore in-depth review about the transformative shift in our society, the birth of new fashion species altogether: “Agender”

Since three years ago the equality affair has become something interesting to talk about, it created diverse opinion and belief. This singular word has ambiguous meaning against religion, culture, background and modernism. On the other side, it is sensitive to some societies with particular beliefs, it will lead back to individual (sender or receiver) characteristics and attitude without pointing out to what is right or wrong. In this issue, DEW is extremely curious of how all the contributors willing to portray and express this sensitive case, a gender-related theme.

When talking about gender, it has a very basic differentiation biologically, obviously. All the similar characteristics and behaviors by each gender generate a solid activity, appearance and treatment for each that was used a long time ago, when hierarchy and symbols were more important. Nowadays, after so many changes caused by modernism and technology development, this issue become accessible and has become an inspiration for a creation for the wise.

Today, there are almost no boundaries on expressing the real self in any media. We knew years ago how hard it is for women to speak and to vote, now we have them running for President. The hardest part is lean on to our definition of it. Equality of gender involves neither biological nor suitable activities for each gender. It is to talk within to stop violence, trafficking and more as simple as to let him cook through better communication and understanding.

In Gender Issue we explore in-depth review about the transformative shift in our society, the birth of new fashion species altogether: “Agender” or the Genderless-wear. Enhanced by the fast-paced availability of information in the globalised era, now the blurred lines of fashion gender became more acceptable, this articles reviewed in detail by Winda Malika Siregar by referring to her personal case and the rollercoaster ride of world’s gender history.

In this issue we also made a further review about the feminism campaigns and movements today which had created a mix of culture that very authentic beyond words. We round up five modern feminists who worth to be discussed, from their creative collaborations to a bit of anarchy and protest, Melodya Lukita summarize it for us. DEW 16th Edition cover star is a serious couple, has been in relationship for 2.5 years under the radar, Marcello Tahitoe and Firrina Sinatrya finally uncovered their mysterious bond. Marcello Tahitoe better known by stage name Ello is a pop singer from Indonesia, which has spawned one of the best-selling album in the country, but now he brought new image to the public. Vacuum for so long, he returned by presenting alternative rock music complete with new images. Her loyal girlfriend Firrina is well known model/actress and former winner of South Korea’s model star award, at this point she probably the most loyal supporter that Ello ever had in his transition of life.

As summary DEW wants every selected contributors to create their own style with any imageries, processes and details. As in general we believe that the diversity of gender is sensuously beautiful if its caught in a prudent view. (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #16 Gender Issue April 2015

Cover Story Marcello Tahitoe and Firrina Sinatrya

Photography Shadtoto Prasetio

Styling Rahajeng Puspitasari

Hair and Make-up Rommy Andreas