DEW Magazine #20 Future Issue Spring 2016: Our forecast into the future works by second.

Imagination is the key to the future, there are hopes and trust lay upon what it might hold, and what we have learned from yesterday. From 1980’s to 2010’s our generation has faced extreme changes and innovations through years that also shifted the behavior, culture and intellectuality in human growth. People make the world go round with education development that transforms the impossible possible. With this topic, DEW invites all the contributors to forecast and draw the future into creative works that transmit each of the collaborators’ visions.

When we look back to how the world’s greater creators, writers, directors had successfully made stories about tomorrow; such as the movie trilogy of Robert Zemeckis’s Back to The Future, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and more – we see how the imagination took the biggest part to plant values to each of the audience about actions and communication towards life with others and environment. And it does not have to be merely thought about the deep meaning of it, but how do you convey the tomorrows of creativity? In fashion? It really does need some very wide imaginations too, isn’t it?

In fashion, big name designers that we called visionaries were and are transforming creative perspective, changing the industry, and triggering new player and new norm core – we have Alexander McQueen, Andre Courreges, Rei Kawakubo, Phoebe Philo and do not forget Martin Margiela. When we talk about fashion, we talk niche yet fundamental – that is what differentiate it with taste. Fashion can trig people to educate themselves about having a good taste and mastering their own signature style that will finally show an attitude. And when you read completely until the last page of this issue, and you understand it – then you just experienced how the future works by seconds.

However, idealism is the based of all innovation, nevertheless it is not a future when it is not adopted by the mass. Future is about balancing the quality and the quantity of everything. If you got this, do not hesitate to get inspired and play with your wildest thoughts about the possibilities we will have in one to thousand years from now in valuable freedom as you always have. The future is ours! (Text Melodya Lukita)


DEW Magazine #20 Future Issue Spring 2016

Cover story Hiromi Yamamura at Model Agency Friday in Yohji Yamamoto+Noir

Photography Tetsuya Maehara

Styling Hideki Sonoyama

Hair Akira Yamada at Wilhelmina

Make-up Naomi Nishida at KiKi