DEW Magazine #21 Society Issue Fall 2016: It’s a busy world out there. Don’t forget to go outside and look around you. The streets are alive with ideas!

Art at any practice pays major role to the society, the fluctuating of trends and human development trickle up and down to the economy and variation of choices and substitutes both individually and or collectively. In this issue, DEW will bring the reality of social and culture as we have seen many new players on creativity. We desire to create immeasurable visual form that will speak, related, and felt to the society.

Fashion used to sell the world dreams and ideas, now with the enormous information from the internet, the fast phase of communication, and of course regeneration made it more connected to the people. Millennial children are becoming very consumptive and growing to the jungle of attention – life is obviously a race to those creative and masterminds.

The raised of new wave of fashion, and fashion labels that constantly changing the scenery of fashion industry such as Vetements with its gracious celebration of urban culture sarcasm, Koché with couturier street, and “forgotten society” style of Gosha Rubchinskiy – the evolving new players that as well shifting the styling manual and the usual, knocking and cracking up the big house of fashion which so called high.

In the other side of the pan – cruel world, fashion world had faced so many heartbreaking events that happened to big fashion houses; Raf Simons left Prada, Phoebe Philo farewell to Celine, and Lanvin after 14 years had finally departed. This truth has people questioning the system especially for the pre-fall and resort collection – was it too much and inhuman for the Designers to follow through? New York based Designer, Diane Von Furstenberg condemned to WWD that the current system is broken, and as for New York – the have planned to reappointing cycle seasons by the people basic needs whereas February is for Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter is going to back to September.

The different issues that we give above – beside many other problems – are merging the simple solution from the society – where the players need to be grounded and to penetrate with the art principles to go far and beyond in creativity. It became clearer that every part has to be related and or based on reality; portraying communities, individual frugality and life landscape, and of course construct a well lesser trend – to the society.

– All artwork for the Society Issue expectantly could alter the seen and unseen variables of the evolution issues we communally facing. (Text Melodya Lukita)


DEW Magazine #21 Society Issue Fall 2016

Cover story Miyuki Emond at Vithmic Model Agency

Photography Teuku Ajie

Styling Naoki Akiyama

Hair Ryo Wada

Make-up Mari Susuda at s-14