DEW Magazine #37 Falsity Issue Fall 2020. Living in a period of time where everything is shifting, staying true is more important than ever. In a world where everything felt rushed and hurried, maybe it’s good that all of us are given a chance to slow down and reflect on what is really important in our lives.

It’s clear that people have had enough of just lip service as words and speeches can only go so far, so what more can we do to make sure we’re living our truest selves. The news does leave the impression that the world the state of the world we live in is concerning, and we can’t help but yearn about doing something to make it better. By emphasizing authenticity and reality, we need to step up and start being the change we want to see. (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Tina Tamashiro at Dine and Indy

Photography Toshiaki Kitaoka

Styling Maruko Maki

Hair and Make-up KATO at TRON Management