DEW Magazine #42 Flourishing Issue – 11th Anniversary Edition: To celebrate the 11th anniversary let’s reflect on how much we’ve changed and what change really is all about.

Change is natural and change is inevitable, and it can be scary. When you look back at yourself from 11 years ago, there’s a possibility that you’ve grown into a completely different person than you originally were without even realizing it. Changing slowly but surely might seem like a less intimidating concept than one that’s direct and sudden, but the process of becoming something new without us being aware of it is another scary concept in itself. Remember the days of your angst-y, rebellious teenage years and you felt so angry with everything in the world that you swore that you won’t be a specific type of person? What if we end up changing into something we said we’d never be?

Going out of our comfort zone and shifting into something so unfamiliar will always be an anxious and nerve-wracking experience, but no one’s going to grow if no boundaries are being pushed. Growing is hard but it’s necessary for us to flourish. So for this 11th anniversary, we invite you to ponder on the theme of ‘Flourishing’ and reflect on what growth, change, and development mean to you. What helps you grow? What hinders your growth? Think about how life has been for you this past decade— how have you evolved personally? Has your relationship with someone evolved? How has the environment around you evolved? How evolution happens almost subconsciously yet we’re the ones who decide how our life changes. We never truly know when we’ve reached our final form in this life, and we can only anticipate what life brings to us next. (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Inka Williams in ONE OFF ONES

Photography Tyson Ernste

Styling Pedro Pier

Hair Angelina Shcherbakova

Make-up Azyzah

Photographic assistance Della Suhael

Styling assistance Vanessa Yudithwara