DEW Magazine #39 Reinventing Issue Pre-Spring 2021. Reinvention, be it external or internal, should allow you to cross past the lines that were once drawn, in order to create new visions of possibilities from what you already had, for the better.

With new opportunities, comes a lot of firsts. It’s safe to say that all of us got to experience new things for the first time this year. Yes, it’s the first time we’re staying at home for days on end, our first time not seeing any of our friends for months, but we also got to experience our first online concert, watched our first online fashion show with a front-row view, witnessed our first virtual exhibition and so much more! With the opportunity for growth being given to us, there’s been a significant amount of reinvention in the world around us.

The thing about having the chance to reinvent is that the changes being made are based on ideas and objects that have already existed, meaning that the most authentic sense of the subject does not change and remains true to its core. It allows the subject at hand to still be its truest, most-genuine self, but with some tweaks in its modifiable factors. Now reinvention shouldn’t be mistaken for innovation either. Even the “re” in “reinvention” quite literally indicates repetition, not creation. If an innovation indicates the existence of something new to serve as a replacement, a reinvention should be seen as an upgrade of the pre-existent. (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Olga Kulibaba at Bravo Models

Photography YOSHITAKA

Styling Kaori Suzuki

Hair Chiharu Yada

Make-up Miho Shimizu