DEW Magazine #44 Uncovered Issue Spring 2022: In this issue we invite you to let your innate curiosity take the lead to dig a little deeper of reality around us and see what we can uncover.

If a public persona is what keeps people engaged to an individual, then everyone’s a celebrity in their own rights. Perhaps this is the reason why people find absolute importance to only show the good parts of things on the surface that can be seen by others, and if none exist then it leads to people making up an entirely different facade to appease what they think people want to perceive. Everything we see barely scratches the surface of what one really is, so why not dig a little deeper and see what we can uncover? Humans by nature are curious creatures, we constantly crave to know more and are compelled to question and get down to whatever uncertainty we face.

William James, a philosopher and psychologist, refers to this curious nature within us as “the impulse towards better cognition”, while some might call coin this as ‘epistemic curiosity’. So in this issue we invite you to let this innate curiosity take the lead, and to let this innate intuition guide you to uncover what lies beneath what’s around us. How much of the reality around us is actually what it seems? What aspects of our lives are we infatuated merely from the idea we have of it instead of what it actually is? Is it possible for us to know everything yet nothing all at once? (Text Vanya Harapan)


Cover story Haruna Kawaguchi in MURRAL

Photography Keiichiro Nakajima at SIGNO

Styling Noriko Sugimoto at WHITNEY

Hair Jun Goto at Ota Office

Make-up Yuka Washizu at Beauty Direction