Rise: Benji WZW Graduate Collection

Benji WZW is a young designer, recently finished his last bachelor year at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. He studied under Walter Van Beirendonck, one of the famous Antwerp Six.  Before his studies in Antwerp, he grew up in Hong Kong and Canada, where he studied at a famous architecture school, University of Waterloo. 

Benji WZW’s graduate collection titled ‘That Paradise Would Be A Meme’ was inspired by contemporary youth subcultures, which take form and evolve through the internet. The collection is based on an idea of a youth who lives in his own imaginary subculture, with its own set of iconic imagery. The dichotomy of the physical life and digital fantasy is reflected in the prints, developed from architectural 3D modelling software, further layered with graphic transfers.  The effect is a kind of trompe l’oeil – 3D objects floating in space, creating a play in depth of perception.  Every material is custom-made: digital prints on denim, double-bonded raw-edge silk, and custom-made faux-leather from bonded vinyl and denim. All the materials are made to create a clean and graphic aesthetic, with reference to streetwear.

The shoes were designed by Benji WZW and professionally produced under the sponsorship of K&K Asia Ltd. They will be available for purchase from RA Antwerp, Paris, and online.


Art Direction + Clothing Benji WZW

Photography Frédéric Bastin

Styling Calum West Caldwell

Hair Aytekin Aytee Kane Cesmeli

Make-Up Nils Missorten

Model Maarten Convens