DEW Magazine #17 Music Issue: It’s fair to say, the music sounds better with you!

In our 17th edition of DEW we turn up the volume on American/Korean descent model, DJ rocking our world and some of the finest emerging talent who represents some of the most beautiful and brilliant music right now. We meet Ashley Yuka Daniel or better known as Yuka Mizuhara, Kiko’s younger sister who also happens to thrive modelling industry. She’s cutesy and bubbly, bringing life and joy into our cover. We talked a little bit about herself, from her experience in modelling to her karaoke song selection and rumours of her upcoming collaboration with legendary Japanese DJ and record producer Towa Tei.

We also chat tunes with Indonesian distinguished actor, a sough-after DJ, Winky Wiryawan, Last year he launched PLAYLIST, his first electronic music double album in which he collaborates with many of his peers from different genres. We find harmony as we peeped inside the mind of this electronic music virtuoso who against all odds. This music issue also revealed 4 acts represent the finest in emerging talent creating beautiful music and performance in Jakarta today. From Archie Dennis, to Double Deer duo, Neonomora and Polka Wars, DEW profile the hottest DJ, singers, bands and music company to watch out for in the year ahead.

From year to year, music score has always been the most important detail for any fashion shows ever conducted. The connection between the sequences, garments, set designs, lighting, and other arrangements is glued by the selection of music to create the projected vibe and ambience, for that DEW’s Fashion Director Melodya Lukita summarize it into music trivia, while DEW’s Contributing Fashion Editor Winda Malika Siregar examines more about the love affair between music and fashion, not quite there, we also round up ten runway’s soundtrack that can be played on a daily twirling loop as you read.

With this issue, we want to go further miles onto your deepest fond of a little bit of everything in music and fashion, like when you hear classic French music from Chanel show and campaign, dance in electronic beat songs with Kenzo, and enjoy live performance in Burberry like the Brit does – resulting an amazing art that will move people.

This issue, it’s fair to say, the music sounds better with you! (Text Teuku Ajie)


DEW Magazine #17 Music Issue July 2015

Cover Story Yuka Mizuhara at Image Models in ADEAM

Photography Yuji Watanabe

Styling Yoko Irie

Hair Daisuke Mukai at &’s Management

Make-up Atsushi Kokawa at S-14