DressedUndressed Fall 2018: Disarming Gender Segregation. The Japanese brand delivers a variety of clothes that barely listed as winterwear in a playful and provocative way.

DressedUndressed Fall 2018: Disarming Gender Segregation

DressedUndressed Fall 2018 backstage Photography Sayuri Murooka © DEW Magazine

DressedUndressed designers Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato, has been an assuming yet confident presence at Tokyo fashion week since 2012, when its initial collections courted tailoring connoisseurs with precise unisex attire that scaled in size but otherwise had no gendered distinctions. A partnership in both the design and marital sense, the couple have been at the vanguard of unisex design ever since.

DressedUndressed Fall 2018: Disarming Gender SegregationNot surprised if DressedUndressed Fall/Winter 2018 collection builds upon the brand’s staples, by reworking classic pieces into subversively sultry new ones is their strength, and the collection’s high points involved that ethos. The idea of disarming gender segregation was often seen on DressedUndressed’s runway, it translated to trousers slashed to mimic the look of chaps, white blouses with built-in underwire, shirts with peekaboo slits that revealed a hint of backside, and a graphic slogans, “I’m sexy,” did the talking to you.

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We can see a variety of formal shirts find a space next to bike shorts and cut-out trousers to show off in pairs with shirt and see-through polo shirt. Bomber jackets, quilted puffer coats, and transparent blouses are all necessary items in the collection but sometimes other pieces are rather difficult to describe as winter outfits. While from a design persepective, it’s fun to see the undressed side of things when it’s in slight cold-weather.

See our exclusive backstage coverage below:

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