Indonesian Label Satan’s School for Girls Makes International Debut. Natasha Tontey introduced her first unique graphic apparel taken from the cult-classic 1973 shocker with the same name.

Indonesian artist and graphic designer, Natasha Tontey through her unique graphic apparel inspired label Satan’s School for Girls made its first international debut in collective store Machine-A in London, The United Kingdom. Natasha admitted she was introduced to them a year ago where finally the shop decided to take Satan’s School as one of the labels in their store.

Through fashion as the medium, Natasha explores the framework of adulthood that is confined into moral standards and codes. “These ideals shape my practices to be more fluid in terms of imagination and fiction.” Natasha also explained that her concepts are not merely translated into Satan’s School for Girls, which was a result of her learning and exploring screen-printing, where in the end, high requests and demand became an ensuing factor to how the label finally came to be.

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Satan’s School for Girls is taken from the anagram of Natasha and the cult-classic 1973 shocker with the same name. “Although the name itself sounds intentionally geared towards female consumers, I want all genders, male, female, anyone to appreciate this body of work.”

Natasha Tontey is no new player in the creative industry where her works have been featured in various exhibitions such as the Dia.Lo.Gue Exi(s)t Program in 2012, controversial but intriguing showcase in Footurama entitled “Little Shop of Horrors” and other exhibitions. For Natasha, Machine-A will be the first international stockiest for Satan’s School for Girls. But through her residency programs abroad, Natasha has sold her graphic shirts and products through personal projects and as artist merchandise.

When asked how she felt with this debut, the artists admitted that the experience is definitely new and unfamiliar to her. “I’ve been working outside of the fashion scene for the most part so this opportunity is something new and it’s not something I plan to do for the long term. However, it’s pleasant to be featured with designers that are influential to the world.”

Natasha Tontey’s Satan’s School for Girls in Machine-A could be purchased through this link: