Editor’s Pick: Calvin Klein Jeans Est. 1978. Raf Simon’s Calvin Klein pays homage to the American symbols and heritage, making this their most affordable collection yet.

CALVIN KLEIN, a brand whose manifestation has always been for and about denim for 40 years has recently announced their latest line of collection that commemorates such milestone. Under Raf Simons through latest collection named CALVIN KLEIN JEANS Est. 1978, the brand takes inspiration from the rich and cultured American symbolism as well as youth culture. Est. 1978 takes on a mainstream American-inspired clothes and accessories ranging from basic shirts, jackets, caps and key-chains and many others. Most of these were printed or embroidered with black and white images of Brooke Shields’ iconic 1980s ad campaign for the Calvin Klein jeans.

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Although this may look like a new collection but the street-inspired the overly dense silhouettes of Est. 1978 is a different product line that sits somewhere between CK Jeans and 205W39NYC. American motifs are smeared all over – the eagles, cowboy, buffalo and everything in between. Graphics are elements seen in some of the jackets and pants, giving them extra depth and noise from the bold highlights and coloration. Stylish and budget-friendly, the collection has a price range of USD$60 and then leans towards USD$700.

This latest collection under Raf Simons is a great representation of what we could expect from CALVIN KLEIN under his helm. With much of the graphics and youthful spirit that is taking place, the collection is an embodiment of everything young and new without having to discard their authenticity and identity as the CALVIN KLEN we have known. It’s a new kind of spirit that is uplifting and rich – something that brands have yet to compromise and instill onto their collection to further approach the younger ones in a more casual and subtle way. There’s a new breed of consumers making its way into the market and looks like CALVIN KLEIN went big to appeal these potential ones.

The first drop from the collection is available online now at CKEST1978.com, while the Americana-inspired items are set to release later this summer.