Editor’s Pick: SomeAreThieves Capsule #002

Innovative in approach, conceptual in design. SOMEARETHIEVES is the brainchild of Jakarta-based Italian National Enrico Nicolin whose 13 years of experience in outsourcing high-end sneaker production and working with some of Italy’s major fashion brands (Emporio Armani and CostumeNational) as an outsourcing agent for their luxury sneakers production.

The ‘Thieves’ name is also a throwback to Nicolin’s childhood in Italy, when he and his friends used to play cops and robbers. His design process typically starts from a visual idea, inspired by movies, music or anything else going on in his life. Instead of following Europe’s seasonal fashion cycle the brand is now launching a fresh batch of styles every two months, in a series titled “Capsules.” The “Capsules” concept comes in response to Indonesia’s retail environment. Nicolin says that while European retailers tend to buy stock outright and hope to sell what they’ve selected, most Indonesian stockists will only take shoes on consignment, leaving shoemakers to bear the risk of leftover stock. By producing smaller collections on a more regular basis, Nicolin hopes to avoid the burden of leftover stock, while at the same time pushing himself to be innovative.

For its second capsule collection SOMEARETHIEVES presents HighTop sneaker boot characterized by parts of its italian full grain leather upper being weaved together to create a checkerboard-alike effect. Collar lined in soft Kid skin and featuring a welted eva and rubber composite sole. Available in full black and full white colors or in two iconic composition of black and white. CAPSULE #002 is available in unisex sizes and is now also available at The GOODS DEPT and The Safe House. (Text Teuku Ajie)