Raf Simons And His Drug-Related References for Fall/Winter 2018. Arguably the most anticipated show of NYFW Men’s, Raf Simons marked his way of commenting on our culture of addiction and consumerism through his runway.

Belgian superstar designer Raf Simons has always been in the spotlight and has never fail to constantly surprise us. Simons’ latest Fall/Winter 2018 Collection is yet another one of his strongest runways to date, which was revealed last Wednesday. This runway show in particular was a modern-day reminiscent of the “Flemish still-life” made to Simons’ own interpretation and twist.

This Fall/Winter 2018 runway was setup atop a huge wooden tabletop with food and drinks all laid out artfully. There were overflows of bread loaves, round cheeses, fruits such as avocado, blueberries, apples, and pomegranates. Beautifully arranged flowers also cascaded from empty wine bottles all aligned, completing the interesting mélange.Raf Simons And His Drug-Related References for Fall/Winter 2018As for the clothes, models donned and walked in vibrant colored outfits; there were shiny boots and gloves, colorful coats and sweaters, hanging off the body, creating a large silhouette off the shoulders. Some models were clad in yellow or orange apron-like tops with words “Drugs”, while others had drug references patches on scarves and kneepads with block letters LSD, XTC and GBH. For Simons himself, drug references was contrived, not meant to endorse the drug culture. But rather become a statement made to consider its roles in today’s society and how conflicted one may be with relations to drugs.

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The entire runway show was wonderfully wrapped with techno music blaring on the background, juxtaposing just seamlessly against the rather old, yet fresh-influenced show. Raf Simons will and always have a place to inspire and relate to the many generations to come.