Watch the endearing new music video for James Blake’s “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow”. Strange, creative, and romantic, director Frank Lebon encapsulates a variety of diverse romances like no other.

I can’t believe the way we flow…,” James Blake sings spellbindingly as a used toilet is shown on screen. “I can’t believe the way we live together…

All jokes aside, and in all seriousness, Blake’s latest music video for his single “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” is at once a peculiar and enthrallingly sentimental collective love story. Although arguing, loneliness, and lust are all perfectly mundane things, director Frank Lebon, who has worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky and FKA Twigs, captures aspects and bits of different romantic relationships in a unique and arguably, but admirably, bizarre way. Shot over the span of 6 days in London, the video features clips of 30 real-life couples going about their lives and time spent together, compiled to create a hazy yet colourful montage resemblant of simple vlogs, home videos, and low budget indie films, accompanied by the occasional erratic doodles and animations. The focal point of the video is definitely where multiple shots of the aforementioned 30 couples, whose faces are nearing and smiling at each other lovingly, are combined to create a kiss scene, almost in stop motion.

“Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” is from Blake’s fourth LP Assume Form, issued earlier this year in January. The album as a whole is rapid and passionate as opposed to Blake’s previously released music, which may be described as subdued and perhaps rather solemn. This fall, Blake will be embarking on a U.S. tour starting the 1st of September and ending at the Austin City Limits Festival in October.