IIUVO x Andreas Murkudis: This is how your perfume sounds. London-based contemporary fragrance house, IIUVO, went for a state-of-the-art collaboration with Andreas Murkudis to decipher the sound of a smell.

With 2018 already coming to its end, and all of those intense robotics technology experiments being done, we’re sure that the world is definitely going closer to the future that a lot of sci-fi movies have always wanted and predicted. Our thoughts were proven right by the latest project collaboration from IIUVOand Berlin-based designer slash shop owner, Andreas Murkudis. Not your usual collaboration, (He)artbeat projectlets you hear how your favorite perfume sounds. They created your newest go-to daily Soundcloud playlist based on their own interpretation of how each scent would probably sound. A euphoric soundtrack meant for morning, day, and evening. 

IIOVO x Andreas Murkudis: This is How Your Perfume Sounds


Most known for its super cool release of Soignéthat smells like sandalwood, crystal violet, cyclamen, and nutmeg – a perfume made from combination of unconventional materials that somehow work well in creating a swoon-worthy scent, founders Tomi Ahmedand Leo Gibbonfrom London, once again experimented and treated the label’s latest collection by staying true to their belief of how perfume has an ability to evoke distant, emotional memory. Creating scents that resonates with a particular memory, Leo, who is the son of a florist, made IIUVO’s first scent to invoke a feeling of being in his mother’s workshop. Although both Tomi and Leo weren’t classically trained in the art of perfume making, they have a mindset that each of the scent they create are honest and true to them – taking inspirations from experiences, surroundings, and interests. Their own way of perfume making is very personal and intimate.

Aside from being personal, function and aesthetic are some of the foundations which they built IIUVO on. A visually pleasing fragrance that actually smells good, they finally branched out to music to trigger one’s hearing senses. The 1-hour long mixtape was made by curating soundscapes that they think truly reflect how every scent would sound. To show how synonymous scent and sound are, (He)artbeat project evokes nuances of fragrance explored by matching each scent with the state of the heart, measured by its BPM exchange. Always pushing to create more challenging, unique fragrance experience through any kind of medium, IIUVO – which means to delight or gratify, thrives in finding concepts and narratives that haven’t been explored. In the age where basically everything is possible, maybe one day we just might see a perfume that speaks. (Text Kirana Ardhia)

IIOVO x Andreas Murkudis: This is How Your Perfume Sounds

IIUVO Kurïn Photography Arianna Lago © IIUVO