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Private Eyes: On the Road with Lauren Tsai

Left page, top and skirt Rani Hatta. Hoodie D-VEC. Earrings Atsushi Nakashima. Belt Mikio Sakabe. Bracelet Justin Davis. Shoes miista. Right page, outer jacket Rani Hatta. Inner jacket Sirloin. Earrings AKIKOAOKI x moil. © DEW Magazine

What do you think about young age? Did you experience any challenges for making it in the professional world at such a young age or was this a form of motivation for throughout your career?

Lauren Tsai: I think the motivation for me is that since I decided to not go to college, I’m really chasing something that is a nontraditional path and has a lot of passion of what I wanted to do. I mean I love art, and I love what I’m doing right now so I want to see how far I can take things and I think at being young it gives me the time and opportunity to make my dreams happen If I work hard. I want to believe that anything is possible with hard work.

Looking back to your journey, what are some of the most memorable and worth- mentioning experience that you will not forget?

Lauren Tsai: It’s crazy this past year I’ve had a crazy ton of experiences sometimes that I will never forget. Work-wise it’s been really good for me with my art I’ve been able to do a lot of a massive window display, worked for Starbucks, I’ve been able to do some short-acting job, travel everywhere for modeling, and I also met a lot of amazing people this year. So I think maybe that’s the thing that feels so special to me as I was able to meet people who I really connected with I’m inspired by and spent some good time with them, and I’ve been able to spend a good time with my family recently. To go home was really sticks out to me!

“…because you know if I go to art school I have to give up modelling and living in Japan. It was not the sacrifice that I wanted to make.” – Lauren Tsai

What kind of collaboration/artwork exhibition have you done recently?

Lauren Tsai: The very recent one was for Starbucks Japan of course which was really fun for me. Starbucks is the company that I really love, and as an Illustrator it’s significant to able to do work for them because they are known for always having art in their store and doing collaborations for their cup designs, and store designs. It was enjoyable because the opportunity has pushed me to work with something that I’ve never done before. I also did a window display for a department store called Lucua in Osaka, Japan that I get to turn the whole area into my fantasy world and have full creative control of it.

What do you aspire to do with your art later?

Lauren Tsai: I have very fun things coming up this year that I cannot say yet, but it would be a lot bigger than the work I’ve done so far. So look forward to it!

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