A Rollover Reaction of your favorite makeup. The Indonesian local makeup brand, Rollover Reaction, embraces their individuality and characters among girls.

This article originally published in DEW Magazine #26 Beauty Issue – 7th Anniversary Edition, Winter 2017.

“A little touch up here and there, some mascara, touchup in the brows, some liquid balm applied here, highlighter, maybe a little bit of bronzer and more concealer, oh wait we need oil paper, and –“. The list definitely goes on for the frenzied beauty enthusiasts. Consider yourself enthusiasts or not, we definitely have seen girls and women from across generations put so much time and effort through a beauty routine.

There’s a growing excitement among these young and old individuals as they bond together through beauty and skincare routines. Rollover Reaction probably understands where we are going with this. The Indonesian local makeup brand of two years shared their ambitions, their visions and the challenges they hope to face in the years to come by becoming a significant player in Indonesia’s skyrocketing makeup industry.

Dinar Amanda and Naya Tinanda Nabila conversed with DEW as they enlightened us with their initial outlook on makeup and finally, the birth of Rollover Reaction. The two out of five creative brains for the brand shared to us their inspiration including the challenges they faced with feminine stereotype that has been closely associated with makeup.

A Rollover Reaction of Your Favorite Makeup“There’s a certain stigma that needs to go. Although we know that Indonesians are out there in the market, we feel that we need to erase the stigma for makeup.” Some may associate makeup as the cornerstone for girly girls but Rollover Reaction has a mission to disrupt that kind of outlook on makeup. “We want to embrace the different characters among girls.”

Before the brand took the online platform as their means of marketing, intensive research ensued. “Makeup is so much different than fashion as there are so many stages involved such as experimenting the colors, going through legal and administrations for eligibility. We started everything in 2014 and it took us two years to launch,” recalled Naya who fills in the role as Managing Director to Rollover Reaction.

Catering to a specific market meant using the right platforms for effectively getting the message out there. The girls of Rollover Reaction also shared their beliefs for the digital platform. “We’re blessed for this digital era as we are given the opportunity to work and explore our creativity. But other than that, the ability to share and upload is what really helped us – our users have really utilized the platform to share their stories, their photos, and our products in their own platforms,” asserted Dinar who is Marketing Director.

A Rollover Reaction of Your Favorite MakeupBig brands are still very significant but these smaller ones are definitely opening up more options to experiment and embrace their individuality and characters. “It’s the power in the stories we create that breathe life to our brand. We personify all our products and personalize them to meet the different characters of the many individuals that use them.” Dinar and Naya realizes that personification plays a great role to how consumers view a brand. “From the content, to copywriting, and to the visuals, we all take time to craft a story that could appeal to the market. We want their daily makeup use, in this case, our products, as their everyday friend.”

One of their striking campaigns among their online journal, RR Around The World, amplifies their views for modern and independent Indonesian women abroad. “We created this campaign to show the creative side of women who has made it big outside of their comfort zones of Indonesia. We represent them with our brand and created them our “muse”. This is an inspiration portal for self-expression, celebration, and an embrace to women’s distinct features, individuality, and characters.

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When asked about the concept of the brand name, Dinar told us her views that a rollover reaction, literally, is what the girls of Rollover Reaction aim to create out of their customers and audience. “I guess it’s the process, the top of mind mentality that we hope to see among our customers. By purchasing our products and witnessing our story, they will always remember and return to us.”

Thinking of expanding is not an option for the girls as they seek to embark on new and exciting projects in a moments’ time. “We did a one-month offline showcase and to see girls from across Indonesia come visit us was truly a humbling experience for us. There’s definitely potential in the brand and we just have to work extra harder now and plan out everything.”

Although Rollover Reaction focuses on lip products from their SUEDED! and FLUSHED! collections, the girls are looking to widen their product range. “I know people have been associating us with the lip and cheek cream type of product but we are exploring to other products, so let’s just wait and see.”



Photography Toshiaki Kitaoka

Styling Natsumi Kinoshita

Hair and Make-up Hitomi Matsuno

Model Megumu