Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’: Another Unconventional Directing Methods

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Terrence Malick has always been an idealist who’s known for his unconventional directing methods. With only directed six feature film in the span of 40 years of his career, Terrence Malick is considerably very picky over films he shot. But things have been very productive in the past two years as he released Tree Of Life in 2011 and his recent work of art, To The Wonder this year.

To The Wonder looks at the contemporary familiar world, telling story of Neil (Ben Affleck), a handsome American who fallen passionately in love with a free spirited Marina (Olga Kurylenko) while in France. Consumed by love itself, Neil took an impulsive decision of taking Marina and her daughter to the US. But love itself is not enough to conquer all, as they face with real problems and the couple begins to grow gap between them. Marina shares her unhappiness to father Quintana (Javier Bardem), the local priest who’s dealing with his own sense despair. At the same time Neil is trapped in the beauty of his childhood friend, Jane (Rachel McAdams). As Marina’s visa runs out, Neil is forced to make a choice.

Just like other his films, this one also watermarked the magic-hour light, yearning lovers, quavering grass and less dialogues. Working together with his third time collaborator Director of Photography, Emmanuel Lubezki, Sarah Green and Nicolas Gonda as Producers and five editors; A.J. Edwards, Keith Fraase, Shane hazen, Christopher Roldan and Mark Yoshikawa. 

Even with his reluctance talking to the press and attending interviews, it’s no secret on his work’s methods; no fixed narrative script as decisions just happen during the shoots and relying his films to reveal themselves in post-production. Take a look on the Behind the Scene videos below as the leading casts, Producers and Editor Mark Yoshikawa giving their insights on the production of To The Wonder. (Text Nuy Darmadjaja)

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