Toga Spring 2017 RTW

Toga Spring 2017 RTWToga Spring 2017 RTW. Yasuko Furuta showcased a series of artisanal and experimental clothes on the last day of London Fashion Week.

It’s hard to believe that Toga, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year, is not better known. Founded by Japanese designer Yasuko Furuta in 1997, it is one of more creative labels around, always turning out artisanal and experimental clothes that still manage to look chic. Over the years, it has grown to be one of Japan’s most preeminent brand which distinguished by its exclusive and extensive fabric research and unusual mix of style genres.

Furuta showcased a series of distressed, unconventional shapes for her Spring 2017 collection. This time, she also brought inner structure to the exterior of garments and returned the focus to the back of a piece. One of Toga’s signatures is an offbeat use of color, and today muddy hues were cleverly shot through with jolts of neon. There were acid orange corsets wrapped, harness-like, around models’ waists, and brilliant exaggerated block-heels that came in purples and limes and golds. The real star of the runway, however, was the Araki aesthetic expressed by armored, single-sleeve leather harnesses that were strapped onto models’ arms.

Furuta has previously said that she creates a clothes for a complex woman who can only live in chaos. And she was right in what she said: her clothes are not just for the complex woman, but also for the brave one.

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