12 Women Artists Reimagine Alexander McQueen in New Zine. The British fashion house invites an astounding line up of artists to reinterpret their Autumn/Winter pre-collection.

In celebration of the release of their Autumn/Winter 2022 pre-collection, Alexander McQueen joined forces with 12 female artists from all around the globe with various mediums of expressions to create their “Process” project. The project will be released into a 160-page zine showcasing the various works the artists have created, including a more up-close look at each piece, and a lookbook segment consisting of all the looks from the season.

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Each of the artists were given complete artistic freedom to reinterpret a look from the season through their own vision and chosen method of craft, letting them explore how far they can take a singular look to, and how they can build a more personal and intimate meaning to their look of choice. Creative Director, Sarah Burton, explains in a statement that the aim of the project was to prove that, “Creativity emerges from countless perspectives.”

Guinevere van Seenus, Untitled, 2022.

“I wanted to engage in a new creative dialogue with the collection this season and see how the artists interpreted the work that we created in the studio,” Burton elaborates, “It’s been very interesting to see how creativity has sprung from so many different perspectives, and the outcomes that have been varied and beautiful. We wanted the artists to have total freedom to respond to the looks, creating bold and thought-provoking conversations with their works. I hope that viewers will be as inspired as we have all been by witnessing these creative processes.”

Bingyi Waterfall film.

This isn’t the first time Burton has dived into the art scene to push the boundaries of what Alexander McQueen can be. Previously, Burton has worked on a photobook project that showcased the results of the various teenagers from Wales that participated in creative workshops led by the brand, along with nostalgic portraits lensed by James and Schneidermann. The house has also partnered with A Team Arts Education to launch a new initiative that will help students interested in the creatives to start their artistic studies by providing workshops funded and run by the house.

Hope Gangloff, Spring Still Life with McQueen Pearl Headpiece and Rose of Sharon Bushes, 2022.

Amongst the line-up of twelve artists is model and photographer, Guinevere van Seenus, who reinterpreted a strapless silver gown into a selection of photographs  and embroidered polaroids. ‘I make images for many reasons, but prime among them is that I’m not great with words,” explains the artist in the zine. Another highlight of the zine includes Bingyi, a Chinese artist who designed her own version of wedding attire that sheds itself bit by bit as the bride walks down the aisle. Other names featured in the lineup includes Ann Cathrin, November Høibo, Beverly Semmes, Cristina de Middel, Hope Gangloff, Marcia Kure, Jackie Nickerson, Jennie Jieun Lee, Judas Companion, Marcela Correa and Marcia Michael.

Works from the ‘Process’ zine will be displayed in the brand’s flagship store in Old Bond Street, London. The zine will also be available for purchase in the boutique and sent out to friends of the house globally. (Text Vanya Harapan)

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