IKYK Presents a Blooming Spring in Their Seoul Runway Comeback. Indonesian modest wear brand IKYK presents their upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 collection in their second runway in Seoul.

On the 8th of October, Indonesian-brand IKYK, abbreviated from I Know You Know, presented their Spring/Summer 2023 collection on a minimalist runway as part of the Seoul Fashion Kode event. The brand debuted 16 contemporary modestwear looks during the showcase, located in the brand new Dohwaseogil Cultural Complex Center,  filled with touches of fun and femininity throughout the collection, fitting for its title “BLOOMING SPRING”.

IKYK Presents a Blooming Spring in Their Seoul Runway Comeback

Image courtesy of IKYK.

The collection is a celebration of how far IKYK has come, telling the brand’s story of growth and consistency in showcasing their DNA, which continues to be a priority for the brand in every release. Due to the lack of exposure to modest brands, some might associate modestwear something much more monotonous and constricted than it actually is. By presenting their own modern take on what modest clothing can be, in one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, IKYK is doing their own part in changing these assumptions and proving that modest wear can also be urban, contemporary and explorative. 

In a press release, owner and Creative Director, Anandia Putri Harahap, shares that the collection “tells personal stories of independent, confident, modern and active women, and highlights each of their femininity sides like flowers in spring.” This concept is then interpreted into the dynamic and vibrant color palette we can see throughout the collection, as well as the wide variety of materials that they’ve chosen to play around with in the collection. To really highlight how different and unique every woman’s story is in their own way, the brand takes a bold step in experimenting how they can create different blends from their futuristic textures (parachute and metallics), classic chic essences (sheer textiles and plaid prints), and comfort (twill cotton and semi-wool fabrics.)

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To further amp up the texture play, IKYK worked hand in hand with several Indonesian artisans to create hand-made crochet and macrame accessories that were styled as an outer layer of some of their runway looks. This little touch helped their otherwise minimal look, to have an eccentric feel, quickly becoming a point of interest. Aside from the netty additions of the collection, their choice of satin-like materials and the inclusion of their signature pleating, helped maintain a level of sophistication that balanced out the dynamic accessories and color combinations present in some looks.

Prior to this runway, IKYK participated in the Seoul Fashion Kode tradeshow presenting their collection to a new market. This also marks the brand’s second endeavour in Seoul, with their first time dating back in 2016 as they became the first Indonesian modestwear brand to present a runway in Seoul Fashion Kode. Although these milestones might seem recent, the brand has been around since 2011 when Anandia Putri wanted to create a ready-to-wear brand that provides global citizens modestwear in a more stylish and progressive perspective.

 Aspiring to complete every women’s daily endeavor, each piece is easily adapted to various looks with signature cuttings as its ultimate foundations,” says the brand in a statement, “IKYK strives to unleash every women’s personal identity- because we know it’s there, and You and I Know It.“ (Text Vanya Harapan)