Rise: BEVZA ‘The Shower’ Collection

Ukrainian womenswear brand, BEVZA was founded by designer Bibi Bevza in 2006. The brand explores minimalism, simplicity, sensuality and noble accuracy. Bibi focuses on clean lines, strict cuts, monochrome colours and a combination of courage with comfort and individuality, removing what she describes as “obtrusive vision and needless details”. 

For Spring/Summer 2014, BEVZA derives her inspiration from every morning – signalling the beginning of a new day, the beginning of life. The origin of this life, our final awakening takes place in the bathroom. Noise and water, geometry and the purity of tiles, clean lines of the space as a whole – ready a girl for new challenges. The morning ritual – this is the moment when she can be alone with herself, and confidently reach out to new prospects. The ritual of purification and is largely associated with the spiritual process. Clean thoughts and loyalty to one’s self, first and foremost. 

The main source of inspiration for this collection comes from the film “26 bathrooms” by Peter Greenaway, and shades of white, champagne, and black flow throughout, accompanied by print. Applications of eco-leather raincoat fabrics and organza emphasis BEVZA’s demand for quality. Hints of transparency add a sexiness to an otherwise elegant collection, and the print takes design to a new level as it is inspired by the geometric tiling in a bathroom – the simplest of forms. 

BEVZA’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection offers must-have clutches created using unique 3D printing technology to resemble soap holders, sandal slippers, and jewellery imitating shower hoses. 

The full collection will be in stores February 2014.