Rise: S J Emberton

S J Emberton is a contemporary photographer and all-round modernist living Godknowswhere in bustling London, sometimes snooping around galleries, or sitting quietly in the corner of a reclusive coffee shop. Although, it’s more likely that he’ll be in The Camera Room with some ethereal creature searching for that elusive shot, or trekking along a dusty Canadian highway. Wherever he is, there’s no doubt that he’s taking some bloody good photographs.

After collaborating with a local model agency and photographing musician friends, he opened his first studio outside Manchester in 1984. Three years later he upped and left with London in sight, where he assisted photographer David Whyte. At this time he was also taking painting classes, which surprisingly lead to a ten year period of drawing, painting and, consequently, exhibiting.

Represented by Caption PR, Steven has previously worked as London’s Storm Models’ go-to test photographer for four years, and has shot a total of eight international advertising campaigns for infamous luxury brand, Anya Hindmarch.

From ‘The Camera Room’ photo series, he compiles image of various models which he has captures beautifully, slightly remind us of the works Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi, very deep, fragile, and classic. His work gives us the space to observe and enjoy the emotion of the subject appears in the limit space. Beautiful and captivating. (Text Teuku Ajie)