Space of Kainess at Dialogue Art Space. KAIE Beauty recently unveiled their first line of beauty products collection in Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space in Kemang, Jakarta named “Space of Kainess”.

The brand takes on a concept of modern beauty and while its showcase was charming with its rustic tones and floral touch to the presentation, KAIE Beauty collaborated with JS Tjandra Architects for their pop-up store as well as Oltjikko Flowers for an installation entitled “40 Seconds” with music composed by Jonathan Kusuma.

Space of Kaieness

Founder Katarina Febryani (Aie) explains, “I love art in all forms and this time around, I have collaborated with several local creative talents to put together the event and the pop-up concept store.” Space of Kainess is a simple wordplay replacing ‘kindness’, with a dedication to share stories, ideas, allowing goers to interact and engage with the space through conversation and inspiration.

Kaie Beauty Pop Up Store Display

Kaie Beauty’s first collection consists of shades of lip mousses that speak most to Aie. Its shades are internationally named with numbers from 01 to 04 alongside lip-gloss called Lively, which are basic representations of Aie’s personal and daily life.

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Space of Kainess along with the installation and pop-up store ran from March 18, 2018, until March 25, 2018.

All images are courtesy of Kaie.