Watch another one of Björk’s latest trippy music videos “Losss”. Björk is back with another collaboration with digital artist Tobias Gremmler and it will totally mesmerise you.

Following her last music video for the trippy dream-inducing “Tabula Rasa”, Icelandic singer Björk is back with another music video for a previously released song titled “Losss”. Like “Tabula Rasa”, “Losss” is from Björk’s 2017 album Utopia, and is too animated by German digital artist Tobias Gremmler.

The video, spanning over four minutes, features (in the beginning) two heads with hair made of what appears to be wire crashing and colliding, and then metamorphosing into different flowery forms. Björk and Gremmler, who is “overwhelmingly talented” according to Björk herself in the video’s description box, based the video’s visuals on the conversations between “our inner and optimist and pessimist” — which are perhaps symbolised by the two clashing figures displayed. Björk recalls her experience recording the song and explains that she tried singing in a deeper tone for “one of them”, the pessimist character, in the left speaker and singing in a higher tone for the optimist speaker.

Additionally, Björk is embarking on a new stage show featured on numerous dates at various locations titled Cornucopia, also based on her 2017 album Utopia. The video for “Losss” was apparently made for multiple screens particularly at Björk’s stage show but is now released for viewers on their laptop screens.

“noone captures digital sensuality like [Gremmler],” says Björk about the video. “elegant and expressive !!!!”