DEW Magazine #33 The Family Values Issue Fall 2019. Now, it’s all about families. When your back’s up against it, you rely on the people closest to you to get through. Creative people are the best at this, and always have been.

A few months ago, the political situation divided us. Coming together is now more vital than ever. If there is one positive to come out of Indonesia Election it’s a renewed sense of community. You can feel it in the air; it’s palpable. From communities both online and off, to teams, tribes and collectives, now is all about the families you build outside of your own flesh and blood, the people you gravitate towards because they share your outlook on life, your likes, your dislikes, your politics, your goals. While it’s rare for one man or woman to change the world, a group can. So, hold your loved ones close, and open your eyes and arms to new friends. There’s power in numbers.

As the definition of ‘family’ continues to shift shape, we are busy forming our own families, both online and off. In this issue, we are searching for like minded people to “fill the void” proving that family today is less about flesh and blood and more about the family you build for yourself. And if you see the fashion industry’s new feeling is one of creative collaboration; a generation of doers and dreamers are banding together, forming families and creating their own cultures… making fantastic fashion while they’re at it!

Times may be tough, but we’re tougher. The friends and like-minded people surround yourself with create the spiderweb that holds you in place and in tough times like these, the support network to pull you through. We’re stronger together.


Cover story Katya and Irina at mille management Inc. in NOVO Couture, Maison Margiela and YOHEI OHNO

Photography Rio Hanai

Styling Haruka Watanabe

Hair and Make-up Aya Hamasaki