Define yourself in three words?

Yuka: Happy, Positive, and Emotional

Your short life story?

Yuka: My life was always surrounded by my family.Especially with my sister. I used to go to the sets where my sister shot her fashion photos when l was a little girl. She looked so cool when she was modelling, and even more when she was acting in movies. Those had inspired me very much. That was when I knew I had to make my start. Drawing from her experiences, my sister gave me a lot of good advices. And for that, I thank her and respect her very much. I had a challenging time figuring everything out during my first job assignments, but right now, I’m enjoying it very much.

What do you think of when you first wake up in the morning?

Yuka: What to eat for my breakfast.

What’s the last thing that really made you laugh?

Yuka: When I watched Saturday Night Live.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Yuka: Whenever I am surrounded by nature… When I go to a park, a forest, near a mountain or beach,… especially so when I am in countryside.

What’s the biggest influence in your career?

Yuka: My sister Kiko.

What song would you like to play at your funeral?

Yuka: Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”

First record you bought?

Yuka: Queen

Last gig you went to?

Yuka: Beyonce・Jayz LIVE @ Paris

What’s your staple karaoke song?

Yuka: Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”

What’s the greatest love song of all time?

Yuka: Minnie Riperton’s “Lovin’ You”

What’s the soundtrack to your life right now?

Yuka: Jamiroquai’s best album, “High Times” 

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