Burberry Introduces Exciting Photography Exhibition

Burberry Introduces Exciting Photography Exhibition

Dafydd Jones, Magdalen Commemoration Ball, Oxford, 1988 © Dafydd Jones

Burberry Introduces Exciting Photography Exhibition. Featuring the day in life of the British, “Here We Are” will showcase this September.

To celebrate their later September 2017 collection, Burberry will hold a photography exhibition, reliving the most iconic British documentary and social photographers of the 20th century. Taking place in the house’s new show venue on September 18th, the photo exhibition “Here We Are” will explore the “British way of life”.

Christopher Bailey, President and Chief Creative Officer curate the exhibition for Burberry alongside Lucy Kumara Moore, writer and curator and Director of Claire de Rouen. The curators, as quoted from a separate source, assert their vision and opinion of how the collection of photographs has influenced them throughout the years.

These portraits and thematic photographs capture emotions and experiences of the British lives in the past, which may have been felt viscerally to the present time. The creative showcase of never before seen prints, unconventional photographs, thematic portraits have guided through Burberry’s September collection, seamlessly building a story from both the old and new – a story of the unique traits and life of the British.

The beautiful artwork in the exhibition will be displayed over three floors of Burberry’s new show venue, Old Sessions House in Clerkenwell. Amended photographers including Shirley Baker, Ken Russell and Alasdair McLellan will have works showcase throughout the exhibition along with more than 30 other photographers. (Text Beata Primana)

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