Editor’s Pick: Shushu Tong Fall 2017 RTW

Editor's Pick: Shushu Tong Fall 2017 RTW

Editor’s Pick: Shushu Tong Fall 2017 RTW. The Shanghai-based designer duo offer a gang-like attitude collection with more contemporary and relevant aesthetics.

Shanghai-based designer duo Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang is well known for the high-end brand SHUSHU/TONG. First introduced in China, the brand paved their way towards Asia’s if not, the international fashion scene, offering a new wave of fashion and design for the younger generations to enjoy.

SHUSHU/TONG continues to push the boundaries while remaining true to their identity for their latest AW2017 collection. Inspired by the 1980s black comedy Heathers, the collections aims to reshape the iconic image of Heather Girls, a gang of cool girls in a high school meeting campus with more contemporary and relevant aesthetics.

Fusing both the contrasting characters women and young girl, the collection highlights playful and casual look, coupled by the mature-feel that the designers wants to convey through the collection’s color palette of light grey, azure, black and beige compositions. Tones of vibrant red, yellow and purple inject subtly to the overall warm yet playful and girl attitude of the collection.

Detachable buckled accessories made of heavy textiles create interesting silhouettes to the overall pieces, giving a confident attitude and statement to a blouse or even a dress. Familiar textiles such as the gingham prints, oversized outerwear accentuated with young girl-like ruffled details, knee-length shift dresses, bulky and oversized wool jackets, as well as the comical skirts and prints give the overall collection a youthful yet sophisticated and mature appearance.

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The pick of this collection would be the navy strapped detachable hand sleeve, looking as though you are wearing a shoulder cast. The accent of the two bright tone of the blouse with the cast adds perfect collision of colors and attitude to the entire look. The comical skirt also adds it the entire look a strong character. Another winning look would be the white shirt-dress with the bold and bubbly oversized sleeves with the laser-cut slip that fits perfectly wit the overall look. The black ruffles detailing on the black slip add a cheeky and playful character to the piece.

SHUSHU/TONG’s outpouring creativity screams itself more in their AW2017 collection. With the collection’s gang-like attitude, it’s obvious that that it wants to uplift a Modern Heather Girls with a much more satisfying and interesting wardrobe.