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Goldfrapp’s “Everything Is Never Enough” Takes Us Into a Multisensory Journey

Goldfrapp's "Everything Is Never Enough" Takes Us Into a Multisensory JourneyGoldfrapp’s “Everything Is Never Enough” takes us Into a multisensory journey. The vocalist and frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp goes behind the lens and direct.

The London based electronic duo, Goldfrapp back with another out of the world audio and visual from their latest album The Silver Eye. The single called “Everything Is Never Enough”, the vocalist and frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp goes behind the lens and direct, she has been focusing on photography for years and now she is in charge with the band’s visual. We noticed that the power of nature and the elemental has always been in Goldfrapp’s music, especially in this music video they take us to a journey into a Canary Island, where they shoot the entire video in a full volcanic desert landscape. The video sees a nude man running through the desert landscape, while Alison also makes an appearance in a colorful blowing gowns contrasting the natural color of the desert. It was her first time to direct a music video and she loves the feeling of being on location taking shots and videos, she said that there could be wind, rain, heat and it brings an incredible spontaneity to it. She also said in a recent interview with Nowness, “Volcanic and desert landscapes are undefinable, they are life and death. Primal and mystical. They are the portal to the soul.” Watch the video below: