A second look of Museum Macan. Revealing the First Sight II this upcoming Saturday.

Enthusiasm has brought performances, artist and goers closely through an emotional experience a month ago through Museum MACAN’s First Sight program. The programs were created as a means to become a road to the opening of the museum happening this upcoming November 4, 2017. With the positive responses, audiences’ satisfaction as well as exciting energy permeating since its First Sight program last August, a second will take place this weekend at the Museum.

Museum MACAN First Sight was created to open new opportunities and artistic experiences for goers and the artists alike. Direct engagement and performances allow goers to gain more insights, be immersed in the creative components of the artists and performers, as well as find inspirations and depth to the creative thought-process. This week’s performances will take focus on the notion of time – the time now, the past and the imagined and assumptive future through a collaboration of both the audience and the artistic performances.

Five different performances will happen in First Sight II, where Shoulder’s through Carrion: Episode 1 (2016) will perform as an imaginative creature with his choreography, while Xu Zhen’s in the Blink of an Eye (2005) focuses themes of freezing time and defying the laws of gravity. Arahmaiani’s 1996 work entitled Handle without Care (1996-2017) will be represented in the museum as well, along with Duto Hardono’s Variation & Improvisation for ‘In Harmonia Progressio’ (2017), whom will utilize the Museum space with loops of sound with the goers’ active participation. Mella Jaarsma with Dogwalk (2016) will feature humans as feigned animals and last, Heman Chong and his A Short Story, Somewhere, Out There (2017) will present his performance in an enclosed room isolated from the general public while trying to create a story between a writer, translator, instructor and participant. (Text Beata Primana)

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