HAIM gets raw and personal in their new emotional single “Now I’m In It”. The band finally released their second new single of the year and a follow-up to their 2017’s album Something to Tell You.

The three sisters (Este, Danielle, Alana) have made their fans waited for a long time and now they’re finally back with quite an emotional track that is perfect for the season. HAIM released their last album Something to Tell You in 2017, and though the trio hasn’t formally announced about a new one, it now seems that a follow-up album might be at work. “Now I’m In It” is a very sentimental song that talks about the fear of losing oneself in the mundanity of life and battling with depression.

Although the lyrics are pretty distressing, the melody itself contradicts them as they chose a rather upbeat, dance-floor-approved backdrop with bold drums and synth combination. “Even when we’re writing about something dark or more serious, we like to tie it up in a bow so that there’s a bit of lightness to it,” Este stated in a statement. She added, “We want our music, and this song especially, to be the thing that helps you got through that rough time.”

HAIM Gets Raw and Personal in Their Emotional Single “Now I’m In It”The music video is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, and it shows Danielle’s dreadful day that expresses being stuck in an auto-pilot mode – going through the motions of everyday life; from doing her job at a diner, being carried on a stretcher by her sisters, getting an actual car wash and left seemingly refreshed. The pop-rock trio also showed their “strutting on the street” trademark shot.

Danielle wrote in HAIM’s official Instagram page, “Now I’m In It is about going through it. A depression. Not leaving the house type of shit. For my sisters and I, there have been times in our lives where we have felt like we are stuck in a dark hole. This track speaks to that emotion. The track is chaotic – like my mind when I’m spiraling. But every time I’ve been depressed – it takes me accepting that I need help, to start to get out of it. Take care of yourself. Be nice to yourself and thank the ones around you that help you every day. Hope this helps anyone who is in it right now.”

Watch “Now I’m In It” below: