I.K.Y.K Adds Flavor in Their Line through SS18 Collection

I.K.Y.K Adds Flavor in Their Line through SS18 CollectionI.K.Y.K Adds Flavor in Their Line through SS18 Collection. Anandia Putri instilled new elements and styles into her label’s casual look.

Indonesian based ready-to-wear brand, I.K.Y.K (I Know You Know) has recently showcased their latest SS18 collection named “The Appreciator”. Making their new trail in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, the collection takes as specific as Mobo Moga style of the 1930s as their inspiration.

Creative director, Anandia Putri takes elements of what is familiar to her every day in the collection. Like her inspirations, Anandia wanted to portray the relaxed and classy attires of clothes, making them simple, feminine but with a touch of masculinity through the fabrics and cutting applied. This collection also places emphasis on the familiar and unfamiliar. From a formal statement, “the collection is about dissecting traditional and familiar pieces of clothing and juxtaposing them with a completely different element to create a whole new item.”

The pieces stick to an oversized silhouette, which were applied in their Japanese-style kimono, Mandarin-collared blouses, all types of tunics, and trousers. Standout items include the use of flowy fabrics such as organza and tulle, a new element and style to the casual look of I.K.Y.K. Other notable features include the colors blood red and maroon, which, as the statement suggests, “a spirit of taking the brand to the next level of maturity.” These elements breathe somewhat a more unique character to the brand’s somewhat monotonous and predictability. The collection does have a new flavor and feel now that these elements are incorporated. For some, the laid-back and casual feel may be a little too mundane to the everyday wear. However, those looking for a more clean and suitable evening attire may opt for I.K.Y.K’s The Appreciator collection, where fabrics are rich and appreciated more.

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