Under-the-Radar Talent: Lickstudio

Under-the-Radar Talent: LickstudioUnder-the-Radar Talent: Lickstudio. The emerging Jakarta-based label inspired by Cherie Currie and all those things.

The emerging Jakarta-based label, Lickstudio, was thrilled to announce their first exciting collection and delivered their idea of a fashion brand to the eyes of the society. Designed by two graduates of Raffles Institute, Juliana Ng and Laurensia Salim, who developed the same vision and similar taste throughout their college years.  As we know fashions serve as a reflection of their time and place and can be determined by society, culture, history, economy, and lifestyle, this label defines fashion as contradictory, both defining the ancient and contemporary by randomly quoting from the past as well as representing the present.

Inspired by the society’s transitions and behaviours, Lickstudio attempts to taste different concepts and attitudes and develop them into a collection through their aesthetic interpretation. The debut collection is highly influenced by the 70s, which, through their viewpoint, precisely reflects the time in history when individuality and personal freedom have come to be seen as the defining features of our age. We can see femininity, growth, and provocation are embedded into a delightful collection. The tension of youth are also very visible in this collection, especially with Cherry Bomb t-shirt (emblazoned by The Runways’ song with the same title) and wide slit lacing pants which they borrowed images from the retro time periods.

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In modern fashion, it’s interesting to see how designers are inspired by the visual arts and music. In this case, Lickstudio drew inspiration from the world of Cherie Currie and all those things. It was considered a wildly inventive and interesting way to express their style and design. And Cherry Bomb collection got churned around in their head and came out in a really beautiful, quirky way.