‘Witch House’ pioneers SALEM return with Starfall. After almost a decade since their last release, SALEM is back with their newest release “Starfall”.

Michigan-rooted music group SALEM, has returned to the scene with their newest single “Starfall” after around 9 years since their last release. The group is known for pioneering ‘Witch House’, a genre that melds essences of trap, trance, electronic music with darker, gothic sounds and visuals.

To those who are unfamiliar, according to stereogum.com, “Witch house’s aesthetic was established and strictly adhered to from its inception: slowed-down hip-hop rhythms that took direct inspiration from the syrupy sound of late Houston pioneer DJ Screw, glowy synths often ripped directly from trance music and rave culture, the occasional sound effect (i.e. the gunshots that punctuated NYC duo White Ring’s 2010 single “IxC999″), vocals rendered unintelligible either by way of delivery or aural obfuscation.”

After their last release “King Knight”, it seemed like the witch house scene has simmered down. Many has tried to do the genre the way SALEM originally did, but barely any could replicate the charm of the original. Earlier this year, the band broadcasted their STAY DOWN mixtape on NTS Radio featuring a new song titled “CAPULETS (LEAK)”. Last month they have released an official Youtube stream to this said mix and from the looks of its comment section, fans have been waiting for a long-awaited comeback from the group.

For the video of “Starfall” the group went chasing storms, literally. Directed by Tommy Malekoff, the video follows Jack Donoghue and John Holland along with some professional storm trackers to follow storms of the tornado season through Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas. Although footage might seem shaky and raw, it’s the unfiltered-ness of the video that made it fitting for the band’s obscure and undefinable sound.

This is most likely still the beginning of the new era for the group, with “additional work to come” said a press release. “Starfall” is available to be streamed in major streaming platforms with its music video up on Youtube. (Text Vanya Harapan)