Incoming: Arctic Monkeys 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino'Incoming: Arctic Monkeys ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’. Just several days ago, the Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys has finally shared the upcoming album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino” through their website and social media channels.

The 42 seconds teaser video got the fans go crazy to wait for their records and digital release on the 11th of May this year.

Five years ago, ‘AM’, the fifth album of Arctic Monkeys was released with the hits like ‘R You Mine?’, and ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ that shows their maturity compare to the wistful pop they initially offered on their first few albums. The band that consists of Alex Turner as the frontman, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, and Nick O’Malley shares their new look that uploaded to their social media profile picture with a dapper and slick look that seems even more mature.

Incoming: Arctic Monkeys 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino'

Arctic Monkeys new shared profile picture

The 42 seconds video shared shows a glimpse of melodies that sound similar to the AM guitar line. It also shows an architectural model of a building that indicates the hotel and casino derived from the title.

Incoming: Arctic Monkeys 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino'

‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ Silver Vinyl Design

four days in counting, let’s suck it and see!