Dior Homme Brings Old-School Charm Through the Summer 2018 Campaign. Classier Tunes, Fresh New Faces, More Flowers, Wrapped In A More Youthful Look.

Welcoming the latest Spring Summer 2018 Collection, Dior Homme recently launched a video campaign exploring themes of youthfulness and manhood. The campaign features turn from Pet Shop Boys where the band’s duo, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe also made a special appearance in it. Under Creative Director, Kris Van Assche’s artistic direction, the campaign highlights sharp and crisp tailoring of the best pieces in the collection such as the tailored pants, statement pieces, graphic blouses. The black and white

Dior Homme Brings Old-School Charm Through the Summer 2018 Campaign

Photography David Sims Styling Mauricio Nardi © Dior Homme

Snapped by renowned David Sims, the ad campaign also introduces fresh and new faces and names including Andreas Wolf, Henry Raush, and Anton Jagger. The video brings vibrancy to Dior Homme’s latest collection, while recreating an interesting play on old and new, soft and bold, and of course, manhood and youthfulness. Similarly, the concept was also implemented in Saint Laurent’s latest ad campaign video, remaking an old city skyline with new fresh faces in the industry, while injecting an old classic song to bring out its witty novelty. This old and new and youthful concept will be one to watch this year among the big labels and luxury house brands.

The juxtaposition is subtle, seamless and clean where its black and white frame and the hints of red roses add an extra playfulness to the video. The choice of Pet Shop Boy’s 80s classic entitled Heart playing on the background breathes such a witty and old-school charm, while keeping its youth spirit intact.

Watch the full 60-second video below: