Editor’s Pick: Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen

The skull scarf curated by British fashion house, McQueen, began its spiraling fame in 2003, and transformed the “dead” back to the “undead”, as McQueen’s signature design. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, McQueen has teamed up with Damien Hirst, UK’s bug-loving artist, for another level of artistic incompatible printed scarf collection, inspired by Hirst’s own Entomology series: butterflies, moths, spiders and other kinds of insects. Each print on each scarf is inspired by aesthetic influences of both artists: McQueen’s with its signature love of cranium patterns, Hirst’s with his never-ending obsession of crawling-insects.

Overall, the collection includes 30 custom designed kaleidoscopic aesthetics and classically refined in tone. The partnerships’ shared vision created synchronized symmetrical designs with combinations of references to the natural world. Hirst’s insects and bugs are geometrically arranged and laid out to create McQueen’s skull motifs, creating a kaleidoscopic Mother-Earthly-bond aesthetic appeal. Printed on cashmere, ponge, twill and chiffon, these mother-nature-loving gothic accessory would look just as elegant around a neck as they might behind framed glass. 

To accompany the collaboration’s celebration, Sølve Sundsbø, a renowned fashion photographer, has shot a short campaign film, expressing the elegance of the silk draped on models, synchronizing to a gritty ambience and a distressful piano for romanticism. 

Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen is available from 15th November at any Alexander McQueen stores worldwide and at www.alexandermcqueen.com, with prices ranging from $515 to $1,175 – worthy, for such an exclusively curated fashion merchandise. (Text Nadilla Sari Ratman)