Public School Fall 2017 RTW

Public School Fall 2017 RTW

Duo designers Dow-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne gets subtly political for Public School Fall 2017 RTW.

Street-wear inspired, politically driven, New York, the state of mind. These words best describe fashion brand Public School NYC’s latest collection from their Fall 2017 collection. Duo designers Dow-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne took a spin on their classic masculine and street-style flare with a satirical, political note. It was known that the play on slogans was a response to President Trump’s political attributes and “Make America Great Again” merchandises – making this one of their strongest yet sporty-playful collections to date.

Similar to their masculine and oversized take on anything, this season of Public School NYC experimented and played more on fabrics, colors and even outfit construction, gearing away from their classic black, stark white and clean crisp masculine feel. Oversized outerwear and tops from plaid to corduroy, patched, denim and color-blocked puffed coats as well as draw string skirts all make up a beautiful and unique amalgam to the womesnwear.

As for the menswear front, oversized cuts of double-breasted jackets clean and sleek trousers added a touch of bold to the collection. Red caps with slogans ‘Make America New York’ became a recurring motif, further accentuating the red, blur and white undertone – the colors of the American flag – in the collection.

So what exactly is Public School NYC trying to convey to their collection? A megaphone to promote united we stand, divided we fall? An encouragement of love and peace despite the country’s perilous state?

Whatever it is that one interprets, taking the time to appreciate and enjoy Public School NYC’s ever experimental and lovely collection can never go wrong. (Text Beata Primana)

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