Sunset Rollercoaster brings City Pop back to life. With a bit of Japanese city pop, soul, and jazzy tunes, Sunset Rollercoaster (SSRC) a band from Taipei, Taiwan offers and performs seamlessly at Rossi Musik, Jakarta promoted by Noise Whore collective.

Last weekend, Noise Whore, a music collective from Jakarta, Indonesia had successfully conducted a two-weekend event with two international independent bands, Sunset Rollercoaster and Pitch Pitch, and other local performers such as Bedchamber, Kurosuke, and more. The event plan was to separate the two guest stars, however, due to the missed flight of SSRC on the first weekend from Bangkok to Jakarta, they show had to be postponed to the second week. Nonetheless, it surprisingly not cluttered, the venue was literally hot but very satisfying performance by SSRC. We are definitely happy with that kind of Sunday.

The first thought that came to our mind when we listened to SSRC was that it was definitely not sound like it came from Asian countries, maybe because of their singing accent. To be honest, we just listened to the band last year after the second album EP Jinji Kikko and it stuck in our head like mad. As we dig more, the first album of SSRC named Bossa Nova that released in 2011 that showcased indie rock, punk, and jangle pop as they stated to that they drew their influence from The Velvet Underground, The Eagles, and Guns N’ Roses.

Listen to Jinji Kikko here:

A pretty interesting phenomenon for every musician, and music enthusiast today where it becomes more accessible for them to connect with each other especially to those independent artists. In Indonesia, we have names of music collective that become the music gatekeepers to the audience and mediate the new artists in a form of content whether as a small concert or party, compilation records, up until music festival. It inarguably opens the opportunity for global creative collaborations, and an even bigger exposure for Indonesian music scene as for us, it has been decreasing especially for making a big music festival. It’s an interesting comeback from the music industry, we cannot wait for more!