The Reality Portrays in Marion Cotillard Upcoming Movie, Gueule d’ange

The Reality Portrays in Marion Cotillard Upcoming Movie, Gueule d’ange. Gueule d’ange or Angel Face tells a story about Marlene (Marion Cotillard) that decided to abandon her daughter for a man she just met during another nightlife scene. Her daughter Elli (Alban Lenoir), needs to find a way to confront Marlene to come back.

These couple of years has become the era for family related drama movies genre that tells the reality of a human being happening across the world. The stories about love, depression and the impact of the damages one could cause. Movies such as ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘Wonder’, and ‘Gifted’ are also some examples of heart-breaking stories about family relationships with different approaches.

Written by Vanessa Filho and set in France, this French-speaking movie proposes a story about a single mother of 8 years old daughter. Marlene impulsively decided to leave her daughter after she met a man on some excess night. The drama follows with the anger a kid could make to ask for love and attention. With its first trailer spreads on the internet, the movie reminds us of ‘The Florida Project’ storyline but in a more dramatic way, maybe?

Watch the trailer here:

It’s true that this kind of heartfelt movie can teach us a life lesson, and tell us the importance of making a decision, and accept the risk after making the decision. We bet Cotillard act is impeccable in this one, we can’t wait!

This movie will open the Cannes Film Festival 2018.